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Life's Marathon: The Journey Over The Destination [Letter 2/365]

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Life's Marathon: The Journey Over The Destination [Letter 2/365] 🏴

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Promise: You'll discover a path less traveled.




Finish line,


Path less traveled.


Follow Your Passion is a Terrible Advice

β€œAs long as you follow your passion everything is going to be amazing...

The minute anything is hard,

The minute you get a roadblock,

The minute you get told:

Oh this is difficult, It must not be my passion... You go a different direction

The work that you do should be hard.

It should challenge you.

It should fascinate you.

Your passion is worth that.

You can't be insatiably hungry for someone else's goals.”

- Laura Gassner Otting


On Consumption

"Never force yourself to consume something; Wait until you can't ignore it."

- Zach Pogrob


On Obsession


Obsession takes everything and gives you more.

It's a maze you enter with no plan of leaving.

It's a beautiful addiction turned into art.

It's not about effort, it's about what feels effortless.


On Business

People don't want to do business at all,
They just want to have a relationship.

On The Path Less Traveled



"We all have a great need for acceptance.

But you must trust that your beliefs are unique, your own.

Even though others may think them odd or unpopular,

Even though the herd may go: That's bad.

"Two roads diverge in the wood, and I,
I took the one less traveled by." - Robert Frost

I want you to find your own walk,

Your own way of striding,

Your own way of pacing,

Any direction,

Anything you want,

Whether it's proud,

Whether it's silly,



The Finish Line

It's not about how many steps you walk,
The stories written with each footprint.
The paths you choose along the way.
The people you meet on the road.
The person you became at the finish line.


The Game of Stamina



Running a business is not about business; It is about running.

It's the endurance aspect of it.

You might have 6 months of amazing work,

And then you hit month 7 with no clients.

Your business starts to fail.

Your best employee quits.

What do you do?

You run.


Marathon is 26 miles,

You don't know when things are going to go wrong.

Could be the best run you've ever had.

Or you could have a problem at mile 14.

Everything can be going great until it's not.

What do you do?


You can still finish the marathon if you want to,

Or you you can quit.

What will you choose?


It's easier to quit.

Your brain is trained to protect you,

Thus your brain is constantly trying to get you to quit.


But If you want to win,

You have to keep pushing.

Your brain is plastic.

More Exposure = Muscle memory.

Your brain will adopt to the new limits you set it to.


But It's not about winning or losing,

It's not about running fast,

It's not about coming first,

it's about being a runner.


A runner is someone who finishes what he started.

A runner is someone who can break his own limits.

A runner is someone who controls his own mind.


It's that earned identity you create.

It's that newfound self-respect you discover.

It's that doer momentum effect you build.

It's that infinite new version of yourself you unlock.


Same with business, same with life.

It's not about building a business or making money,
It's about becoming an entrepreneur, creator, freelancer, manager, leader, public speaker, etc.


It's not about having a family or getting married,
It's about being a role model, responsible, educator, protector, parent and character.


To have the mentality to keep pushing + The courage to break yourself


Create new limits.


Create new limits, Create a new world ~

Find your limits,

Break them & Be limitless.


Till next time,

Your misfit friend.


Amine Hammou

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