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I'm Going Dark - [Day 4/365]

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[Day 4/365]

January 11, 2024


I'm Going Dark 🏴

- I'm Turning Off The Internet -

Read on:​

I'm ditching Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, and Threads.


These platforms are not giving me money, status, or brand.

These platforms are not my preferred way of consuming or interacting with content.

These platforms are addictive and time wasting.

These platforms are decreasing my attention span & increasing my (cheap) dopamine.

These platforms are using me for ads and there is nothing I can do about it.


These platforms are not made for misfits like me


β†’ I'm old school.

β†’ I'm a pen and paper kinda guy.

β†’ I don't like making or watching videos (all the time).

β†’ I don't comment on internet posts.

β†’ I'm not made for rush, controlled social feeds.

β†’ I'm not made for the Gram.

β†’ I'm not an internet "influencer".

β†’ I'm not made to dance on TikTok... I'm too old of a soul.




I will not delete my account on these apps.

I will still repost my content on these apps.

I will still check-in once in a while.




I will not be "active" on these platforms.

I will not keep the apps on my phone (already deleted).

I will not keep a record of the messages I receive.




The best place to find me: Real life.

A phone call doesn't hurt.


The best way to reach me: Email

Write me a letter.


The best way to learn from me: Newsletter

I will write you a letter back.


The best platform to work with me: LinkedIn

Send me a request for proposal.


The best place to watch my videos: YouTube

Sponsor my creator venture.


The best place to find my resources: Linktree

Send me some merch.


The best way to be friends with me:

Cycling down a nasty steep hill. Life or Death.


Doesn't hurt getting a Specialized S-Works on my birthday.


The best place(s) to marry me:

South Georgia Island: Antarctica, Iceland, Edinburgh, Japan, Capri Italy.


Book me a trip and I will pay you a visit.

Course β†’​

Newsletter β†’​

Resources β†’​

Work β†’​

LinkedIn β†’​

TikTok β†’​

Instagram β†’​

Twitter β†’​

P.S Pay my ConvertKit rent and get access to a Pro Misfit subscription at the price of Β£3.75/one large latte per week at Starbucks.


Till next time,

Your misfit friend.


Not all heroes wear capes, some wear glasses.
But the
conductor wears both.

~ See you in traffic ~

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